Whether you’re looking to give your plants and lawn a strong, healthy start or your laid stone a solid, long-lasting base, we have all the soils you'll need:


The bulk of your landscape, a good loam will promote a healthy life for your plants. Our loam is ½” screened for a consistent coarse texture with a good organic content.

**Tip: We recommend using a 4–6” layer for turf areas, so approx. 2 cubic yards/10 sq ft area


For topdressing – This very fine compost will migrate fully into the soil to amend conditions and give a substantial boost of microbial activity.

For planting – this compost is not as fine as the topdressing mix, so will break down more slowly in the soil, ensuring lasting benefits from organic content and microbial populations.


M-Roots – A blend of natural organic ingredients plus 18 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizae – a great injection of nutrients for your plant life.


With a low amount of organic matter, clean fill is used as a sub-base to provide stability. It should be 6” below a finished lawn surface area.

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